2 Poems – 8 years old

8 years ago, I was living in Taiwan – now three countries, 8 houses, 4 jobs, and an MA later… 8 years later to the day, I post this. Just because. 

Feb 16, 2004
If I could somehow get away from me
I’d be so grateful
Digging for that treasure
my shovel feels so heavy
Blisters bleed purple and green.
A dragon’s heart grows from tears
landing sweetly in the ground.
I wonder farther and farther
towards the deep black sky
with only one moon,
one sun,
and a billion stars.

Feb. 18, 2004
In my black and white
fearful, embarrassed
I seek to erase myself
paper myself
Cry out to the Painter!
Wouldn’t the man with the palette
be willing
To change the colours to
vivid orange
swirling red?
My heart pains but it’s worth it
strange wild colours
fill me
churning in visions of felt feeling
I am extreme
longing sustained.