Here’s a piece I’d like to work on or work out. But these are the beginning thoughts, and maybe in the next couple weeks I’ll do something with this.
I wrote this almost exactly three years ago.  Interesting. I’m not entirely sure that I wasn’t writing what I hoped to some day be true…

I have learned
To build time into contentment.
I have learned
To contend with the moment
And I am none the worse for wear.


I think I’ve written on this before – but every now and then – I feel a twinge of jealousy for those who have grown up in the same place all their lives. Being around friends who have known me for over 5 years is something I don’t often get nor appreciate when I do…

There’s a luxury to deep history

between friends
having those around

who have known you forever

Twenty years of knowing turns quick
To depth of conversation
15, 25, sixteen growing into thirties

Still knowing
Still okay
Even more free now
Of eighth grade insecurities

Where you can’t use the excuse,
“you don’t know me”