Autumn on the Light Rail

Now Winter – the seasons are passing too fast – not sure why this year, it seems so much more so – here is my Autumnal poem:

I have fallen into
Autumn missed the summer
for enjoying the spring before winter

I will try to let the colors
paint my soul
the veins of the leaves
imprinted firmly upon

– a druid’s dream –

Now in sweaters
now in hats
now in coats and gloves
they move on by
they move on by

I have failed Autumn for the longing
of the summer
Winter’s layering over spring
the great year’s causeway

Block letters
– strength against the grey –
I am Helvetica Bold

Watching bystanders
swoosh on
plaid coats
fall scarves
glowing cigarrettes
they move on by
they move on by

into a bus station’s silence.