So after visiting with so many friends in Seattle from different parts of my life, I couldn’t help but think about all the moves I’ve had in the last 10 years…

I have
Fought and pursued change
Loved and hated leaving
Ignored and exploited movement

And found myself
The paradigm of flux
That overused word:
A cause and effect term
Of galvanized daring
(or dreaming?)
Paradox of pain and grace
Defining perspective and process

Coming to the point of a
January-to-December longing for a reason to stay

Feeling grateful…

Just came back from Seattle and visiting…and visiting..and visiting…loved it

There’s something about seeing an old friend
Like finding that favorite book after so long
History fills the comfortable silence
Unnecessary talk siphoned down
To depth of care.

I know you.

And that feels good.

Air Travel

Tomorrow morning, I fly to SEA via ORD from BWI and catch myself calling cities by their airport names…
…so just a little ditty:

Hello O’Hare
We meet again
Neoned tunnel
Flashing over me
As I run to catch my delayed flight.

Hello PDX,
Granola carvings, jewelry, stones
Calls to me as I hug
Long-ago seen family.

Hello Changi
Malls, hotels
Disguise your purpose
For international ins and outs.

I’m only passing through…

Come Back

It feels so strange to write again
Like stretching after a long night’s sleep
My fingers feel anxious
Itching to write anything
Even as my brain tries to eke out
Just a few interesting thoughts.
My mind tries to form back into the writing state
The foggy articulation needed for poetry
The transcendence of tyrannizing taste of WORD.

It feels so good to write again.


Hope for all that was
And could be
Hope for the un-bitten apple
Hope for the lonely tree
Hope for not blaming other people
Or hiding amongst the leaves
Hope for the cool of the day
Hope for walking free

Faith in the blamers
The biters
The hiders
Faith in those that are flawed
Faith in the collector
All for the Lamb of God.

Love included in all
Of Eden and east of Eden
The unchosen, unwise, unknown
Love for those with the past
No future
Love for beginnings
Forsaken, alone
And triumphed,

All are forgiven

at last.